Eviction Protection Program (EPP)

Eviction Protection Program, also known as EPP is a program that has been specifically developed by our Corporate Headquarters in response to concerns expressed over the rising eviction costs for non-payment of rent. Under this service, Real Property Management will pay for court costs, attorney fees and filing fees in connection with an Uncontested Unlawful Detainer Action (eviction) against a tenant. This protection also covers the costs to send a representative to the courthouse for the case to be heard.  EPP is available to the Property Owner as an added benefit at a minimal $25 per month per unit managed - the program will renew each year unless canceled and includes the services described above.

DON’T WANT EPP? You, as the Owner, can choose not to enroll in the Eviction Protection Plan; in the event that an eviction is necessary, you would be responsible to pay for legal fees, representation and court costs as necessary. The current charge for a simple uncontested Eviction is approximately $1250. Fees will be assessed when an actual eviction is initiated as per your direction. Costs associated with an eviction are not guaranteed and can vary depending on the situation.