Tenant Payment Received

Owners will receive a notification of a summary of the tenant payment via email.

Once these payments have been cleared, funds will be applied to your account as per the schedule of Owners Draws below:  

* rents paid after the 25th will be disbursed the next month during the 1st Owner Draw period

Please do keep in mind that your monthly statement which includes all income and expenses for your portfolio is created and published for you on your owner portal, under the Statements tab, on a monthly basis on the 10th of each calendar month (or the next business day if a weekend/holiday). For example, the statement for June would be published and available on July 10th. 

If you have any questions or would like a quick clarification of any item on your monthly statement, simply print the statement, mark your questions on it and email it to accounts@chipropertymanagement.com and you may change the account you receive your funds in at any time by logging in to your portal and clicking "Edit details" under the My Account tab.

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