Real Property Management Chicago Group has a Maintenance Hotline 312-265-0660 (press 1) that can be reached 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

All EMERGENCY maintenance should be called into the Hotline.

Non-emergency work may be requested through your resident portal. E-mails, text messages, voice mails, or notes are not as effective as phone calls unless the law requires otherwise. Phone calls go directly into our maintenance queue for prioritization, approval, and proper scheduling. If the requested maintenance is deemed to be an emergency, we will be paged. Once a maintenance request is received, Real Property Management Chicago Group prioritizes the request by emergencies having the highest priority. Not everything is an emergency and Real Property Management Chicago Group complies with the law in considering what must be fixed first so that the resident can safely live in the unit. Many laws allow a certain period within which repairs may be made. 

Here are some common examples of problems that are typically considered emergencies: 

  •  No heat during winter months 
  • Loss of power or water 
  • Clogged or non-working toilets when there is only one toilet in the unit.Sewer backup  
  • Flooding 
  • Security issues (damage from break-ins/natural disaster, home to be secured) 

Some legal notices from housing departments/city inspection departments. If the maintenance request is not an emergency, Real Property Management Chicago Group coordinates approval and funding with the Owner to ensure that the problem is addressed properly. Real Property Management Chicago Group often uses contractors who are insured and licensed (when required) to perform maintenance services. All contractors are regularly monitored to ensure that quality and timeliness standards are met or exceeded. If the maintenance item is found to be due to a resident's negligence or willful act, the resident(s) will be assessed the bill for repairs/replacement/damages. 

Here is a list that includes some (NOT ALL) maintenance that is the responsibility of the tenant:

• Furnace filters and regular HVAC cleaning- DO NOT allow the temperature to fall below 60 degrees as 

this can cause pipelines to freeze. 

• Maintaining the home and surrounding property, including garage and sheds if any in good clean 

operating order 

• Watering, minor trimming, pruning & weeding beds to Maintain Yard Care 

• Lawn care and Snow Removal, sidewalks, and mailbox area - Per City or local Ordinance (if 


• Testing and changing batteries in smoke detectors and/or carbon monoxide detectors. 

• Changing all inoperable light bulbs (60 watts maximum) and fluorescent tubes inaccessible light 


• Keep dryer vents & house vents clean (inside & out) 

• Pest control 

• Window cleaning 

• Tenant is responsible for all maintenance of water softener and water purification systems (if 


• Drain stoppage (clogging) when caused by the tenant. Run the water through the disposal before and 

after grinding- to avoid sticking and do not use the drop-in cleaners in the tank of the toilet- this will 

damage the rubber in the fittings. 

• No foreign items are to be flushed away; these items will clog the drain and you will be charged for 

the repairs.