Notice To Vacate Confirmation

You will be receiving a notification that we have received your move-out notice.

The details such as Notice Given Date, Moves Out Date, and Reason for Leaving.

Please contact us as soon as possible if your plans to move should change or if you plan to renew your lease after sending this notice and we will be glad to help in any way we can. Please do keep in mind that keys must be returned to our office on the last day of your lease and you may be charged 3 times the daily rent until we receive them. Also, for a month-month lease, please keep in mind that you must provide management with one full calendar month of notice and you will be charged rent until then.

If you intend on moving out before the lease end date and would like us to help you terminate your lease (and not be liable for the remainder of rent), you must contact us immediately and we can discuss your options give you details on how to do so, or you may read through your lease. Please note that this e-mail does not serve as permission for a resident to terminate a lease early.