Electronic Payment Failed

An electronic payment may have been returned as unpaid and must be repaid immediately. This may have happened for several reasons, most commonly that you may have entered your bank account information incorrectly or you may have insufficient funds in the account to cover the payment.

In addition, this may make your rent payment late and may be subject to a late charge. There is a returned check fee of $35 for any payment that is returned, as stated in your rental agreement.

In these scenarios, make immediate arrangements within the next 24 hours to bring your account current by sending us certified funds (money order or certified check) or you may use the online portal to pay if you are confident that the payment will clear. Please note that you will be charged additional returned payments charges ($35 per instance) if you attempt to pay from an incorrect account and/or if the payment is returned for insufficient funds. 

Please take care of this as soon as possible or contact us if you have any questions. You may make one final payment via the online portal, however, you must ensure that the payment goes through and you have sufficient funds in the account or we may be forced to begin legal proceedings. To see your account details and make a repayment, please log into your tenant portal:
Portal Login