Returned Check Notification

Once you have logged in and sync your details in the portal, you'll be receiving all the notifications regarding all the payments, work orders, notices, maintenance, etc.

In RPM, we'll be receiving a notice from the bank regarding the return of your latest payment for non-sufficient funds. The notification composes the Lease name , Payment Amount , Payment Date , Return Date , and Return Fee

There is a returned check fee of $35 for any payment that is returned for insufficient funds, as stated in your rental agreement. To avoid late fees, pay on time and make sure that you have sufficient funds.

If you fail to make payment in full within 24 hours after receipt of this notice, this matter may be referred for criminal prosecution and initiate an eviction process or other legal proceedings. Please make immediate arrangements to bring your account current by sending certified funds (money order or certified check).

Please take care of this as soon as possible or contact us if you have any questions. You may make one final payment via the online portal, however, you must ensure that the payment goes through and you have sufficient funds in the account or we may be forced to begin legal proceedings. To see your account details and make the repayment, please log into your tenant portal:

Portal Login